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H2H (Heart2Heart) Business Communications and Media WIN

Transforming Customers, Employees, Vendors and Investors into a Gospel Choir, Telling Their Awe and Wonder Story About You
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4 years ago
Sheffra assisted me to discover my life purpose through her unique proven process that took me, step-by-step, to connecting my childhood memories to the current work I do. The work we created together – my childhood-to-career story and my 10-year life plan – provided the foundation and guiding direction to my business development and branding, including the name of my business. I was at the very beginning of starting my business when I met Sheffra at CEOSpace International in 2012. She was genuinely caring, insightful, and compassionate. She had the fantastic ability to help me see things I didn’t understand and believed in me more than I did, at the time, in myself. I experienced her innovative process for the discovery of my life's path, tracking it from the past, and creating my vision and roadmap to the future. I learned that I have a mission, unique to me, that required me to see the magnitude of my gifts and the need for those gifts in the world. My imagination exploded and ...
- Center F
4 years ago
Out of a maximum number of five stars, with 5 being the highest, I rate Sheffra at 5! I was concerned at the time about going through a transition in my life. After twenty years of working with a beauty company I was being laid off and at the same time I was going through a divorce. I met Sheffra at a financial seminar for women and was introduced to her by Roger Kessler. She was also a guest at the seminar. After getting to know her and learning what she does to help people, I knew that I wanted to work with her to help sort through my career path. Sheffra supported me in communicating my authentic self in my business and personal life. She was genuine and positive with a dynamic personality. This made our conversations fun and interesting as we got to know each other. Through our work, I discovered unnamed motivations that had been guiding my decisions, capacities I already had that were unrecognized and strengths that have served me well since before I was ten years of a...
- Brenda F
4 years ago
I give Sheffra 5 stars! She made a huge impact on my life! I valued my work with her so much. It allowed me to view myself from different view points, outside and inside, seeing parts of myself, both known and overlooked, and amazingly how these various parts could fit together. Seeing the whole picture allowed me a deeper understanding of my true self, and gain an understanding of the roadmap through the past and into the future. I had been at a crossroad of a complete “ground zero” experience in life and business and was feeling the need to rebuild my life. I had experienced my business taking me for a ride, like a car on autopilot, going way too fast, losing site of it direction. Through this work I’ve been discovering my unique purpose and passion and learning to understand how to express this through business and life. I met Sheffra at a four-day festival in the Stanislaus National Forest, called SoulPlay in the fall of September of 2018. She was one of the presenters ...
- Sarah H

We put awe and wonder to work for you!

Tired of begging for a Yelp, or giving discount incentives for reviews? Tired of contesting Yelps or wondering why a seemingly "good" customer, your best one even, disappeared?  Tired of cringing to have to deal with an irate customer because your "go-to" employee does not seem able to handle this one? Do you  still get a little nervous looking over accounts receivables?

You are not alone!  You have done everything you could to please your customers.  In fact, what you do is more like a calling!  You have memories from childhood of a moment that triggered the direction that moved you to where you are now. You care about people.

You love when in your staff meetings your employees tell you a story about that positive thing the client appreciated about them. Did you sense that it hinted at a much bigger story for the client?

Have you ever imagined that what you do for your clients is far more than deliver a product or service for a price? Is it possible that your work makes more possible for your customers and that more is what they are buying? Could what you and your employees do be merely the means to get there?

If you have had thoughts like this, congratulations!  My research based book, written in 1989, (Just Google the article, "Putting Passion to Work, Los Angeles Times article, 1989 by Robert Ostmann) and work shows that you are in the awe and wonder business.  Then, I called it, Passion, what customers longed for, what guided their decisions, what would light their wick and make their hearts sing.

Today, I specialize in transforming satisfied customers into a gospel choir, singing your praises, telling the world the story of the awe and wonder events that brought tears to their eyes, that every day your employees made happen.

If these high touch impacts are too off the charts to handle, then you will not want to stoke that fire.  However, I guarantee you that it is smoldering in every client.  Whatever your business, you are in the business of helping your customers connect with those elements of novelty and surprise.

Here is the caveat, however:  If their lives are not filled with awe and wonder, if you are not able to mirror that back to them, help them discover it, you will get the opposite: Adrenaline laced acrimony, fear, projections of disrespect or lack of valuing them, the tiniest misstep a reason to cut bait.

There is a much better, dopamine filled sense of connection with  awe and wonder, the novelty your customers' brains need for gratitude, for acceptance and forgiveness, for a sense of their right place in the world supported in those special moments by you and your employees, the stuff of which no analytics, mined by survey or questionnaire, can ever capture!

You have much greater stories than you ever imagined and your customers will tell their story to everyone they meet.

What about your employees and investors? What could be the impact on them?

That answer depends upon your imagination!

Can you see how employees are, indeed, agents of transformation as they see the role they played in the customers' experience? Can you imagine your sales people with amazing proof or evidence that your tagline is not a mere catch phrase?

What if investors could know that you have the stamina for the long haul, with the emotional resources to support your team and implement growth strategies? 

Can you imagine new hires on boarded  in novel ways,  not merely with the company handbook,  and staff meetings as high energy---story time, space of sharing of best practices enlivened by story direct from customers awe and wonder experiences?

Can you imagine referrals increasing as customers tell their own stories, seeding the communities with their awe and wonder about your business?

Is it possible?  Why not, is my answer!  

Click above on the "Contact" button to get sample stories from various industries after you set up a complimentary "Critical Clarifying Conversation" protected by a Nondisclosure Non-circumvention Agreement that keeps what you say confidential as well as how we work.

Isn't it about time to excavate the "gold" shimmering uncollected in the moments you have already made happen for your clients, employees, investors---all of your stakeholders?

It is never too late to excavate what is already yours!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Sheffra A. Williams, Founder,
Heart2Heart Business Communications and Media Win

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